Fatpacking Cancellation Policy

Cancellations do occur, often for very good reasons. However as a trip approaches, Fatpacking must pre-pay and commit to various expenses in anticipation of your participation. Since many of these expenses are often not recoverable, we must adhere to the following policies.

  1. Deposits are not refundable. At the discretion of Fatpacking, deposits may be applied to a future trip if cancellation occurs more than 30 days before a trip. After that time, they may not be applied to future trips.
  2. If the trip has been paid for in full, and cancellation occurs 3 weeks or more before the first day of the trip, the entire cost of the trip minus the deposit is refundable. After that time, no part of the trip cost is refundable.
  3. Once a trip has begun, no part of the trip cost or deposit is refundable. In certain circumstances, such as a family emergency, a participant may be allowed to apply part of the trip cost towards a future trip at the discretion of Fatpacking. Fatpacking has not found any insurance company that will underwrite trip insurance for someone who requires or chooses to be evacuated from a trip in progress.
  4. If a participant must be evacuated for emergency reasons, they do so at their own expense, and forfeit the entire trip cost. Fatpacking guides are obligated to help evacuate participants for emergency reasons.
  5. If a participant chooses to leave a trip while it is in progress for a non-emergency, they do so at their own expense, and forfeit the entire trip cost. Fatpacking guides may help evacuate participants for non-emergency reasons, but are under no obligation to do so.


Trip Insurance

Trip insurance can give you peace of mind. You might consider trip insurance.

The company that underwrites Fatpacking's liability insurance recommends TravelInsured.com. Fatpacking does not endorse (or not endorse) this company, but we offer it to you as an option you may consider.


Terms updated 7/10/2018
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